All I Can Say Is… “I Think I Need Some Help”

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Hi Friends,

Want to give you a report on our Kickstarter– “The Motorhome Chronicles.” Good news and, well, I won’t say bad news. The good news. My DP and I are going to go shoot a few video interviews of strangers over the next few weeks as part of a warm up to the hopeful launch of the project. Those we will be posting as part of the continuation of Operation-365.

The “well I won’t say bad news part–” Our funding is going rather slowly. I’m very grateful for those who have helped to fund us thus far, as well as for all who have liked, shared and clicked to watch the Kickstarter video… that all helps more than I can express.

Still, we need all the momentum we can muster to reach our rather lofty costs of the project. There are 23 days left to fully fund the Chronicles and the clock is moving fast.

So I hope you don’t mind me asking two things. First, please be patient with me in understanding the endless promotion I’m doing during the next few weeks. I promise that no matter what happens with the development of this project that we will not stop the forward movement of Operation-365. And as we go, know that the doors are always wide open for your sharing of stories through Interview-365.

Secondly, anything you can do to get the word out through pointing as many as you can to “The Motorhome Chronicles” Kickstarter page. It will go a long way in helping us to meet our goals. If you need me to send you copy of any kind please email me ( or click the link in the left side column). I’ll shoot something right over to you. Also, I’d be happy to feature your blog in return for the favor.

Two years behind us now and our community is constantly growing. That in itself is evidence that we are doing something right. I appreciate all that you do and thank you for who you are… individual, unique… magnificent. We truly are all in this thing together.

Take care my good friends… Talk soon,




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